About FarmShare


FarmShare was founded in 2008 by Kari Moore, a dedicated local food advocate, long-time locavore, and curious cook. Kari's idea was simple -- to share the farm-fresh flavor and fun of eating locally and seasonally in Northeast Ohio.

FarmShare features seasonal offerings of fresh, Northeast Ohio produce, locally made artisan cheeses and specialty foods, as well as recipes and culinary inspiration help our clients make the most of Northeast Ohio's abundant harvests.

We also host seasonal events and tastings to help clients explore the local food-scape, build connections with local farmers and producers, and gain a deeper appreciation for local, seasonal food. 

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Upcoming Events

December 10:
Ladies Shopping Night
Stillpoint Gallery, Little Italy

December 12:
Cedar Fairmount Holiday Stroll
Luna Bakery Cafe, Cleveland Heights

December 17:
Men's Shopping Night
Stillpoint Gallery, Little Italy

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